L-MODU(Low Molecular weight and Low Modulus polypropylen)

Having both a low molecular weight and a low modulus, L-MODU is Idemitsu's newest polyolefin. The low melting point of our L-MODU, short for low molecular weight and low modulus polypropylen, along with its range of viscosities, make this advanced polyolefin an ideal choice for hot-melt adhesives, non-woven fabrics, resin modifiers, elastics and pigment-dispersing agents, as well as a range of other industrial applications. Its high heat-stability, coupled with its low melt-viscosity, solubility, and compatibility with polypropylene are all commercially desirable properties of our L-MODU. Furthermore, Idemitsu's L-MODU was perfected to be both colorless and transparent, adding valuable versatility to our formulation.

Another advanced feature of L-MODU is the soft polyolefin characteristic, making it an ideal choice for displaying low crystal characteristics. Despite the polypropylene homopolymer present, L-MODU employs a metallocene catalyst unique to Idemitsu's range of technologies that controls the stereoregularity of the polymer molecule.
L-MODU™ Low Mw and Low Modulus PO



L-MODU - A New Niche for Polyolefins



Recommended Applications 

Incorporating a novel single-site catalyst, L-MODU opens the way to a new range of applications for polyolefins.


Superior Properties

  • Low density
  • High heat-stability
  • Soft
  • Low melt-viscosity
  • Odorless
  • Not sticky
  • Soluble in various solvents
  • Compatible with polypropylene
  • Colorless and transparent



Modulus - Melting Point

Modulus - Melting Point




PropertiesTest MethodUnitS400S600S901
Density ISO1183 kg/m3 870 870 870
Softening Point
-ring and ball method
ISO4625 93 100 120
Tensile Modulus ISO527 MPa 90 90 90
Tensile Elongation at break Idemitsu Method*1 % 600 800 900
Melt Flow Rate(230℃,2.16kg) ASTM D 1238 g/10min 2,600*2 390 50
B-Viscosity(190℃) ASTM D 3236 mPa・s 8,500 50,000 360,000
Molecular Weight (Mw) GPC-Idemitsu Method   45,000 75,000 130,000
Melting Point DSC (Idemitsu Method) °C 80 80 80

  • *1:JIS-K 7113-2、Half-size
  • *2 MFR of S400 is converted from viscosity data
  • *All of the above listed data are Typical properties, and not specific ones.



Melting Properties

L-MODU exhibits a high melt flow at relatively low temperatures.
L-MODU exhibits a high melt flow at relatively low temperatures.
N.B. The data shown above was measured under specific conditions and has been verified for accuracy. Nevertheless, results in applications may differ depending on use and products may not perform for all recommended uses depending on use conditions. The content above is subject to change without notice. Figures of physical characteristics of other resins than the products have been referred from other catalogues and sources thereof.