TARFLON™ Polycarbonate

The Original Technology of Idemitsu Polycarbonate
Idemitsu Polycarbonate is one of the first resin company produced on a commercial basis using its original technology. Exhibiting many out-standing characteristics, Idemitsu Polycarbonate has a chain shaped molecular structure that is thick and flexible. It is known for its high impact resistance, good transparency and heat resistance along with superb precision and electrical properties.

Highest Impact strength among plastics
- with 80 kJ/m2 IZOD notched impact strength, TARFLON is suitable for bullet proof products
Beautiful Lustre and transparency
- more than 90% transparency and brilliant surface appearance
Withstands over 130°C with a wide service temperature range
- from -100°C to 135°C
Excellent Dimensional accuracy and stability
- the very low shrinkage factor allows to use TARFLON for high precision parts
Outstanding Electrical insulation properties
IR grades meet requirements for Food contact applications
- FDA, BGVV, European legislation (2002/72/EC)
- all grades (except FN type) are UL-registered

Naming of Tarflon™ grades:

A Basic grade, also flakes, contains only heat stabiliser
R Mould release, usually in combination (e.g. IR, IRY, IV .... R, also for coloured material)
I Highly transparent and tinted
V UV-stabilised, usually in combination (e.g. IR, IV .... R, V ... R)
G Glass-fibre reinforced grades (G-1910, G1929, G1930)
LZ Light Diffusion grdaes, with excellent Flame retardancy & UV-resistance
AC Flame retardant grade
Y Flame retardant grade, transparent & opaque colors available
LC Light guide grades
URZ/C Light Reflection grades, (URZ25x.., URC25x..)
LE/V LED Lighting (primary & secondary optics)- LEV1700KL is UL746c f1 listed