In the field of performance chemicals, Idemitsu supply the raw materials which can support wide fields such as resin, paint, adhesive, surfactant, rubber and functionality base material.

Marketing products


Commercial name Outline Application
I-marv Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin - Tackifier
- Resin modifier
IP Solvent
IP Clean
Isopraffinic solvent - Solvent, Diluent
- Lubricant, cleaner
Linealene Alpha-olefin (C4~24) - Polyethylene modifier
- Higher alcohol, Surfactant
- Poly alpha-olefin

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    Based on IDEMITSU Metallocene Catalyst Tech.
    For Hot-melt Adhesive, PSA, Elastic Non-Woven Fabrics, Resin Modifier and Pigments-dispersing Agent, etc.
    • Low melting point despite of homo-polymer
    • Soft and Flexible
    • Low melting point
    • Low melt-viscosity
    • Excellent compatibility with PP resin
    • Not sticky

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