• Camera Parts
    Tarflon G25x (Glass Fibre Reinforced) grade


  • Board Connector
    Material: Xarec EA537 (under development)



    • Lower cost than LCP, PCT or PPA.
    • Lower hydraulic pressure, better flow than PPA or PCT.
    • Better weld line strength than LCP.
    • Better plating characteristics (less flash over) than LCP.

      Application Requirements:
    • Heat stability for lead free soldering (max. 260C).
    • UL 94: V0 @ 0.75mm.
    • Good dimensional stability.


  • Safety Box

    Tarflon IR1700 is used for making thin wall components of mechanical, electric, electronic, safety and industrial equipments




  • Printer Components
    Material: Xarec EA537 (under development)


    • Better dimensional stability than PET.
    • Easier processing than PET.
    • Better hydrolytic stability than PET ¬ no drying required.

      Application Requirements:
    • Heat resistance to 450F.
    • Dimensional stability for part flatness and tight tolerances.