Idemitsu’s Polycarbonate Tarflon™ could be experienced in a variety of automotive applications.

  • Headlamp lenses
    Headlamp lenses made of Tarflon™ are break-proof, highly transparent as well as weather resistant.
    Tarflon IV1900R: PEUGEOT 407 HEADLAMP LENS


  • Light guide ring
    TARFLON - LC1500 is recognized as the world standard material in light guide panel parts and is being chosen by OEMs due to its superior optical properties.

Daytime Running Lamp



  • Automotive Power Distribution Center (located 'underhood' in a vehicle)

    Xarec SPS (Xarec WA210)



  • Advantages:
    • Better humidity resistance than PBT or Nylon.
    • Better dimensional stability than PBT or Nylon.
    • Faster cycle time and easier flow in tools than PBT.
    • Lighter weight than PBT.

  • Application Requirements:
    • USCAR Class 3 heat and humidity resistance
    • Dimensional tolerance accuracy for locating through-hole leads in the internal alignment plates
    • Heat resistance to 190°C.
    • Cost effective.