L-MODU(NOW commercial)

  • L-MODU is the absolutely new soft polyolefin which is developed by IDEMITSU’s original new metallocene catalyst.

  • L-MODU has excellent properties as base polymer for Hot Melt Adhesives (HMA).

  • L-MODU is also expected to be used as the base polymer or the additives in the field of Hot-melt Adhesives, Binders, Films / Sheets, Fibers etc.




L-MODU(hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin)

  • Tackifier of hot melt adhesives (HMA)
    I-MARV shows well-balanced performance in heat-resistance, cold-resistance and adhesive property.

  • Modifier for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film (BOPP)
    I-MARV improves transparency, stiffness and tackiness of PP resin.

  • Characteristics:
    • colorless, transparent and odorless
    • excellent heat-resistance and cold-resistance
    • excellent thermal stability
    • excellent compatibility for various base resins and elastomers



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