Company Profile

Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. was founded in Moji, Kita-Kyushu in 1911 under the name of Idemitsu Shokai, engaging in oil distribution. Later the Company changed its corporate name to the current Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., in 1940.

Since its foundation, Idemitsu has worked hard under the fundamental principle of social contribution through its business, always maintaining respect for human beings in carrying out business operations.

During its over one 100 year history, the Company has established firm business foundations encompassing oil refining, petroleum products and petrochemicals, and it has endeavored to provide a stable supply of energy, along with the products, technology and services expected by consumers. In the Company's mainstay petroleum products sector, the Company has striven to reinforce its competitiveness through improvements to facility efficiency, creation of business alliances in refining and distribution operations, and the integration of the refining of crude oil and petrochemical production.

Furthermore, in the petrochemical sector, the Company has worked to differentiate its business by complementing its basic chemical products with a stronger presence in the area of high-performance products such as performance chemicals and engineering plastics. In addition to these endeavors, the Company engages in resource businesses such as oil exploration and coal, as well as in businesses that leverage Idemitsu’s proprietary technologies in electronic materials and agricultural biotechnology.

Following the fundamental principle created at its foundation, the Idemitsu Group will make every effort to further improve corporate value by offering top-quality products, technology and services. Against this backdrop, Idemitsu will aim to become an open company that will gain the trust of shareholders, customers and local communities, while contributing to society through sustainable growth.

Idemitsu Chemicals Europe GmbH was founded in 1991 engaging in importing and selling petrochemical products such as Polystyrene, Polycarbonate and Petroleum resin. Since 2005, Idemitsu Chemicals Europe GmbH has focused on High-value added products such as Engineering plastics (Tarflon™, XAREC™), Performance chemicals (I-Marv, L-MODU™).
We have strong intention to keep to serve benefits to customers with continuing development of "Higher level of Technologies"