Company Activities

    TARFLON is the brand name of IDEMITSU's special Polycarbonate (PC) which has been developed especially for Automotive and E&E applications by Idemitsu's technology (Frame retardant technology, Light control technology and mastery of production technology so-called "Takumi".

    XAREC is the Crystalline Engineering plastic which shows excellent hydrolytic resistance, excellent dimensional stability, superior electrical performance and superior processing properties.


Performance chemicals

    L-MODU is  Idemitsu's newst Polyolefin made by the proprietry mettalocene catalyst. The low melting point of L-MODU, short for low molecuar weight and low modulus polypropylene along with its range of viscosities, make this advanced polyolefin an ideal choice for hot-melt adhesives, non-woven fabrics, resin modifier, elastic and pigment-dispersant, as well as range of other idsutrial applications.   

    I-MARV has an excellent heat stability due to its formulation and are suitable for Hot melt adhesive and colour master batch applications.